New work in The Puritan

I am so excited that my poem “To a Growth” has been published in the Spring issue of The Puritan, one of Canada’s finest online literary magazines, along with a sound recording of the poem, and soon to be accompanied by my Author’s Note in their blog, The Town Crier. This poem is a deeply personal one for me, one that makes me feel incredibly vulnerable, but also proud to share, for all women who have experienced the treacherous waiting for their mammogram or ultrasound results, for all those (like me, thank God) who have taken deep sighs of relief, but especially for those whose worst fears are confirmed: I stand with you, I support you, you are not alone.

Toronto Writers Collective

I’m very excited that my application to become a volunteer facilitator for the Toronto Writers Collective, facilitating writing workshops for under-served communities, has been accepted. Looking forward to the three-day training in the Amherst Writers & Artists method I’ll be receiving, and having the opportunity to help people from diverse backgrounds tell their stories.

Happy 2016

Happy new year! Though it may be a little bit late, I still think it’s worth reflecting on 2015, which was a momentous year for me, personally, professionally and creatively. I got to feature at the Art Bar, the longest running poetry series in Canada. An anthology that accepted one of my poems was published in the U.S., released in August. I did lots of teaching. Lots and lots of it. I volunteered. Started getting a bit more disciplined again with my writing. And best of all, my poem “Where the Old Road Begins” was longlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize. Though it didn’t make the shortlist, I am still honoured and humbled by the fact that I made it as far as I did, the first time I ever entered the contest.

These days, I’m getting greedy with poetry. This month alone, I’ve subscribed to The New Quarterly (one the country’s finest literary journals), my holds at the library are overflowing with books on craft as well as poets I’m excited about reading (Patricia Young, Kim Addonizio, Spencer Reece, Cassidy McFadzean, to name a few). I’m going to be working with a writing coach this year, and am also excited to be starting with a new workshop group of talented writers shortly. It would appear 2016 is off to a good start.



Voices for Diversity and Social Justice available now

I am deeply honoured to have my poem, “Breaking the Ice,” which was based on my experiences teaching ESL to immigrant women in the Regent Park community of Toronto, Ontario, featured in this new anthology, published by Rowman and Littlefield in the U.S. The anthology itself is a great read, full of poetry and personal essays that combine my three greatest passions: education, social justice, and the written word. It’s available now for sale on the publisher’s website, and hopefully soon in libraries too. Check out the Rowman and Littlefield website for details. Special thanks to Paul C. Gorski, one of the editors of the collection, for inspiring me with his scholarship and activism in the field of social justice, both as a writer and teacher as well. His educational web site, EdChange, as well as many articles he has authored, have helped me greatly, not only with my own students, but as an adult learner myself, while pursuing my Bachelor of Education in Adult Education at Brock University.